About Tejano Democrats

Founded in 1993 by Texas State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos.

We are the largest Hispanic Democratic organization in the State of Texas. We invite you to join and become a Member of your Tejano Democrats Statewide Chapters or form a chapter in your community if one does not exist.

Our Mission is seeking full representation of Hispanics at all levels and in all activities of the Democratic Party. This includes but is not limited to participating in the delegate selection and committee processes at all levels of the Democratic Party conventions and organizations; selecting, screening, supporting, and endorsing Democratic candidates; taking appropriate public stands on issues relevant to our communities; and proposing, supporting, and, when necessary, opposing legislation relevant to the Hispanic community.

Join your local chapter of the Tejano Democrats, start your own chapter or be an at-large, state-wide Member today! Annual Membership dues are only $15. Print and submit our membership application below.

Tejano Democrats 2022-2023 Membership Application

2020-2021 Notarized Roster Form and Senatorial District Representatives and Alternates to the State Tejano Executive Committee


Manuel Medina, chairman@statetejanodemocrats.org


Bexar County



Mary Bowles Gasca, bowles.mary@sbcgobal.net

El Paso County



Bea Martinez, bea@beamartinez.com

Dallas County



Teresa Perez-Wiseley, unalaborista@gmail.com

Travis County



Jim Davis, jazdee@msn.com

Harris County



Judge Bob Perkins

Central Texas



Jose ‘Pepe’ Arreazola

South Texas



Texas State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos

Executive Committee

Tejano Democrats Executive Committee

Tejano Democrats Constitution and Bylaws.

Tejano Democrats Bylaws as Adopted on January 29, 2022

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